Mr. Harkaway-

I appreciate pedantry as much or more than the next guy and truly enjoy seeing it deployed to artistic effect. However, I must caution you that the luncheon/supper/dinner divide is not nearly so settled in all places (my Texas-born grandmother never successfully educated me about why "supper" isn't served after 2pm) and that the clarity of the clock is a more contemporary event than many think.

An Ardath Long Distance came into my possession some years ago. It was a gold vermeil watch with two dials, one Arabic, one English, and as best as I can surmise, existed solely to navigate social engagements within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia prior to 1968.


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How in the sidereal universe did you curtail any mention of a sundial? Also: Please can 'Pedantry Pt. 2' concern "this week" vs. "next week"?

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This is delightful and I do appreciate a bit of pedantry AND a bit of self-control (RIP "beg the question", you had a nice life).

However, I do think there's no major ambiguity about 12pm. It has to be 12 noon because as soon as the instant of *exactly midday* passes, we are post meridiem.

1:01pm is one minute after 1pm, and same for all other hours post meridiem.

For consistency's sake, this is how it needs to work, and I'm pretty sure any digital alarm clock (for example) will consider it thus.

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