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This is a very fun process that I’ll try sometime! Thank you for sharing both the exercises and the results.

It also occurs to me that you might appreciate some of the written lore from, of all places, Destiny: The Game. The developers frequently package and distribute chunks of in-game lore as books, and there’s a community run website called ishtar-collective.net that pulls it all together by keywords.

Of relevance: the stories pertaining to Clovis Bray, a megalomaniac obsessed with the singularity. His legacy, the Deep Stone Crypt, a massive AI governed facility in orbit for centuries above Europa, comes crashing down as an extinction level event.

That event isn’t exactly recounted in Lore to my knowledge, but the events leading up to it and surrounding are contained within Destiny Grimoire Anthology Volume III: War Machines. (Clunker of a title, I know.) Or it can be accessed piecemeal for free on Ishtar Collective.

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