This is my current home on the web. You know how that goes - every so often the world shifts and you have to trundle off and do a new thing. Substack is the lowest-friction place I’ve found so far to share thoughts and get on with things. I’m a novelist (and occasionally - don’t tell anyone - a screenwriter) rather than an online personality or a pundit, so this suits me well…

I post pretty regularly. I occasionally do things like read a WB Yeats poem for no good reason. I experiment, I talk about what’s on my mind and of course I do let you know when I have books and so on happening.

If that’s your jam, then this is for you.

Insert moody author photo here. Oh, wait, look! I did that already.

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The occasional thoughts of Nick Harkaway. Look, it's not like you can say you weren't warned... (This image by the amazing Nadav Kander)


Author of various books - TITANIUM NOIR coming 16th May US/18th May UK in 2023. Alter ego of the disgraceful Aidan Truhen. Husband, father, owner of a ridiculous dog.