Snow and Guns

26 February 2018

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I told a story on Twitter this morning – a true story that happened to me today. It’s getting some attention, so I’ve pasted it below. The image above is one of the first I found when I went looking for a PD picture of a gun to use for this post, but I’ve grabbed the screen because I wanted you to see what the surrounding images were.

Sometimes I think our AI is much better than we deserve.



Where I Have Been

31 December 2009


Mrs H and I have been on holiday.

It was awesome. And I now know how to say “where is the elephant?” in Thai. Also, I fired a real gun for the first time in my life. (I am confirmed in my opinion regarding firearms: they’re horrible. This feeling is somewhat complicated by the fact that I appear to be naturally rather good with a Smith & Wesson 9mm, and more than passable with a .45)

More anon.

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