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02 February 2018


Currently reading:

Tanizaki, In Praise of Shadows


Basically random but work. I saw it in the bookshop and I wanted it. Brain fuel for stories.

Next up:

Afua Hirsch, Brit(Ish)


1. Afua is awesome

2. It’s important

Waiting on:

Saad Z Hossain, Djinn City


Because Escape from Baghdad!

Is there anything else in the mix?

Always. I constantly re-evaluate and reschedule my reading. There are several other books and manuscripts on my desk and any one of them may take my interest in the next eight hours and get bumped up or down. The thing is that I have trouble reading when I’m working and at the moment I am always working – I either end up drawn in and distracted and (worst of all) writing a bad copy of what I’m reading, or I end up kicking myself out of the text because it doesn’t jibe with what’s already rolling around in my head. Things that dovetail with my mood are rare and my mood fluctuates.

But I sent you/was going to send you –

Yes and I am not ignoring it and I am not kidding when I say that I may read it tonight and finish it at 3 am because that also happens.

You watch too much TV.

This is also true. But again, it is not too much it is what feeds the rat. Always feed your story rat.

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