12 June 2018


This is a thing I did a while back for a thing on AI. I’ve been to a few recently and a lot of people in the policy arena and so on seem to be conflating Machine Learning with AI and getting into a whole thing. I’ve been asked out in the world about AI rights and sure, if an AI were conscious it would have rights which we should acknowledge. I don’t find that question entirely challenging. Recognising consciousness, of course, is.

In other news I am working on books, tinkering with TV, thinking about trying to pull together digital novel editing norms because the way we do it right now makes no sense to me, and basically staring at my incoming news feed in abject horror as the world continues to spiral downwards into screw up and our politicians sit on their arses/thumbs/own balls/responsibilities.

I’m doing less social media and more IRL. Sorry ’bout that. (But not very.)

I know this website is due for an overhaul. Maybe next year.

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