We’re doing this wrong

30 January 2018

boardwalk into a blasted landscape of burned trees

We’re doing this wrong, this civilisation thing. We’ve slipped off the saddle and now the horse is dragging us along by our ankles and if we’re very, very lucky we may bounce back up on top but otherwise we’re going to lose some skin and ultimately end up alone in the sand while the future gallops away into the distance without us.

I have no idea what the horse is in this metaphor. I do know that we’ll die in this desert.

Look: we’ve got drug-resistant leprosy.

Look: we’re reaching the point where we can’t breathe the air.

Look: our politics has most of the traits described in Umberto Eco’s essay on Fascism.

We’re doing it wrong.

We care about the wrong things.

We’ve got to fix this.

More soon.

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