The System knows everything... except this.

Coming 2nd November.


This is a thing I did a while back for a thing on AI. I've been to a few...


Near-future Britain is not just a nation under surveillance but one built on it: a radical experiment in personal transparency and ambient direct democracy. Every action is seen, every word is recorded.

Diana Hunter is a refusenik, a has-been cult novelist who lives in a house with its own Faraday cage: no electronic signals can enter or leave. She runs a lending library and conducts business...


Lester Ferris, sergeant of the British Army, is a good man in need of a rest. He’s spent a lot of his life being shot at, and Afghanistan was the last stop on his road to exhaustion. He has no family, he’s nearly forty and burned out and about to be retired.

The island of Mancreu is the ideal place for Lester to serve out his...


All Joe Spork wants to do is live quietly. He repairs clockwork and lives above his shop in a wet, unknown bit of London. The bills don’t always get paid and he’s single and in his mid thirties and he has no prospects of improving his lot, but at least he’s not trying to compete with the reputation of Mathew “Tommy Gun” Spork, his infamous...

About Me

Have you ever sat down and tried to write something about yourself that is not trite, coy, absurd, overblown, or dull?


This is my website. I am Nick Harkaway. I write books which you should certainly buy as soon as possible. I was born in Cornwall in the 70s and that is far too long ago. Mrs H and I have two small kids and she is by far the more interesting of us because she actually saves the world and I do not.

I like: sourdough, lamb shawarma, Rioja Ardanza, Zidarich Vitovska, Kaisa Mäkäräinen and Cefalù.

I do not like: packaged processed cheese, Brexit, the endless echoes of my own screw-ups, wearing a tie.

This is me and so is this.

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